Building a Better Future Together

Since 1994, Colak Group has built on its experience in real estate construction, plant engineering and trade. Today, the company and its subsidiaries serve international clients, offering top-quality goods and wholistic solutions. With a focus on synergy and excellence, Colak Group continues to expand and innovate.

Building a Better Future Together

Colak Group is a dynamic holding company that excels in construction, plant engineering and more. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects and innovative solutions, we are committed to driving success and exceeding client expectations.


Our Businesses & Holdings

Providing innovative solutions and synergies in multiple sectors.

Real Estate


Providing top-notch turnkey projects and real estate solutions that surpass expectations.


Plant Engineering

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to achieve outstanding outcomes.


BIMACO - Drying Biomass

Your patented solution for the efficient and sustainable drying of biomass.


rCB (Recovered Carbon Black)

An international pioneer in the field of tire recycling and purification of rCB.

Safety & Health

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Manufacturer for PPE and long-term supplier for national and international health organizations .


Trade and Defense Contracts

Trade with international institutions (e.g. NATO) with a focus on PPE, IT Hard- and Software, and spare parts for planes and vehicles.


Building Success Through Innovation and Expertise

Colak Group has evolved into a key player in the German real estate market, realizing numerous multi-million turnkey projects every year. Through its holdings in an international sawmill and multiple construction businesses, Colak has proven itself as a reliable and indepentent developer.

The company is furthermore active in the field of plant engineering. Through its constant expansion with factories and offices in three countries, Colak manufactures plants for various uses, from nanotechnology, over agriculture, to power plants.
With a focus on synergy and excellence, Colak Group continues to drive its expansion and innovation.


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Meet Our Managing Team

Expertise across all verticals

Abuzer Colak
Managing Director

Abuzer Colak is a visionary leader with a passion for driving innovation. With c. 50 years of experience in real estate and plant engineering, he has led Colak Group to three decades of successful and organic growth.

Nicole Maxeiner
Office Manager

Nicole Maxeiner has been the backbone of internal stucutures in Colak Group for over 20 years. Throughout this time, she has gained extensive knowledge of the company structures and its holdings and assists Mr. Colak in day-to-day operations.

Philipp Schultze
Head of Real Estate

Philipp Schultze manages all RE-operations within the company. He has extensive knowledge in real estate finance, having structured over EUR 200m in deal volumes throughout his career.

Leman Colak
Director Accounting

Leman Colak leads the accounting team at Colak Group. She is responsible for all financial structures for the Group and its Holdings.

Deniz Erbek
Head of Trading

Deniz Erbek is a former Officer of the Turkish Marines and leads all trade activities with governmental and public organizations.

Gül Temur
Head of Supply Chain

Gül Temur oversees the entire supply chain operations of Colak Group.

Gerrit Erkenswick
Head of Renewable Technologies

Gerrit Erkenswick has gained experience in multiple fields within the renewable energy sector. He oversees the business development of Colak's patented plants and machinery.

Eylül Emir
Head of IT and Infrastructure

Eylül Emir, having previously gathered experience as an IT-developer, manages the internal infrastructure of Colak Group and its subsidiaries.

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